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Kitchen Design Styles and Ideas

In New Orleans, exciting and classic kitchen design ideas are always in abundance. Whether you are considering borrowing from the French design influences or southern American plantation styles, New Orleans is never in short supply of distinct kitchen designs.

Let’s discuss some of the popular French designs at length.

French influences:

In New Orleans, French influences are apparent in many kitchen design ideas.  French country kitchen design conjures up images of the Provence and the French countryside with it’s pastoral elements, lavendar flower fields and rustic French farmhouses. The French country kitchen represents country living that is uniquely French.

In French Design you will find a richness in colors and an importance of food preparation. Good workspace is a premium requirement in good French kitchen design. It allows many people to accomplish small jobs at the same time, gives enough cooking and storage space, and leaves room for preparation and cooling of food.

french kitchen style

french kitchen style

Southern Plantation Styles

Uniquely positioned for its wealth of cultural influences, New Orleans is uniquely international and uniquely southern.  The southern plantation kitchen brings images of lemonade and pecan pies.  Additionally you would think of seeing fresh biscuits baked daily laying on an open counter.

Today’s southern homes are big on cooking and presentation.  Expect to see a kitchen no smaller than 300 square feet and a living room that is beautifully presented with fine linen and silver.

You can use New Orleans as a great place to look for kitchen design influences and ideas.  Whether you are looking to remodel a home or bring in pieces from the area to accent your home, you can not go wrong in New Orleans.