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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing in New Orleans

kitchen cabinet refacing new orelans

kitchen cabinet refacing new orelans

I’ve often been asked if kitchen cabinet refacing is the best way for the residents of New Orleans to save money on their home remodeling budget.  Well to that there are two schools of thought.  But before you take the drive to your local home remodeling big box warehouse, such as Home Depot, Lowes or Costco here are the things to consider before you go forward with your kitchen cabinet refacing project.

I.  How old are your cabinets?

The age of your kitchen and kitchen cabinets in particular is paramount to whether you will decide to start fresh or simply opt to reface your cabinets.  Age is important for many reasons, but not of least to mention that building standards across the country tend to increase for the better.  Many builders used lead based paint and materials contaminated with asbestos.  So deciding to buy new or simply reface your cabinets is a decision that has more to do with the health of yourself than a simple financial decision.  What is the cost of your health?  Priceless I presume.

II.  Desired Styling

Simply put, adding new cabinets finishes are a great way to add life to an old kitchen, but what happens when the look you want can not be achieved by simply replacing doors and knobs?  This may be a case to consider going forward and opting for a new kitchen cabinet purchase.  Many modern kitchen cabinet styles can not be attained through simple refacing.

III.  Warranty

Are your current cabinets under warranty?  Will your warranty be compromised if your cabinets are replaced?  It is possible.  IF your cabinets have wear and tear due to poor craftsmanship, you may be able to get your cabinets updated and not have to consider a kitchen refacing job or new kitchen.  In New Orleans, with kitchen supplies so expensive, this could be a windfall.

In conclusion, be sure to consider all the costs before you decide to reface to save a couple of dollars when the same and often better outcome could be achieved for less money.  Do the entire math before you make a decision.  Kitchen cabinet refacing in New Orleans is a great option to saving money but not always the best option.