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New Orleans Bathroom Remodeling Tips

On a return on investment basis, remodeling your bathroom and kitchen are usually the best options.  The one often forgotten is curb appeal/landscaping, but we can discusss that one another time.

Anyone who goes to a home improvement store will undoubtedly encounter a whole section devoted just to bathroom design ideas. The bathroom is now a very popular room to redesign and many homeowners are making the investment. It used to be that bathrooms consisted of just a shower, toilet, and sink with not much more thought put into the room. Now though, you can upgrade you bathroom and make it as fancy as you want by adding any number of additions.

So when deciding exactly how to complete your bathroom remodeling job, exactly where does one start?  Color of course.



Start With Color

Before you begin any bathroom remodeling project you should have a sketch or rendering of what you want the completed project to look like. Just by choosing the right color schemes, you can turn an ordinary room into an exceptional one. But before dashing off to buy paint, be sure to do choose colors that will work well for each room.

What direction does a room face? Does it face east where morning sunlight streams into a window? Don’t use dark colors in rooms exposed to a lot of sunlight. A room facing east won’t appear the same in the evening when viewed with artificial lighting. Rooms facing west may have a warm glow in the morning, but will be dull in the morning. Just take this into consideration when selecting colors.

Also, keep in mind that rooms facing north receive less direct sunlight that those that face south. Therefore, you may want to use sunnier colors to cheer up a northern exposure.

Remember the Basics

Japan has given us toilet seats that are warm and mirrors that don’t fog and these are only a couple of things that you can put into a modern bathroom remodeling project. New high tech gadgets are coming out all the time for all rooms in the house and the bathroom is no different. Before you go spending a fortune on upgrades though, you might remember the purpose of the bathroom remains the same: a place to take a shower and sit on the toilet!

Lastly, flooring.  Remember that flooring combined with the right paint color is just about 70% of the project by itself.  Even if everything were standard, these portions should be given careful detail and attention.  Best wishes with your New Orleans Bathroom Remodeling Project.