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2010 Kitchen Design Trends in New Orleans

In 2010 will the city of New Orleans crown a new Super Bowl Champ?  No one knows today, however with the Saints playing lights out football and the price of gold surging to new all time highs is there any question as to what color and metal have the early track in 2010 Kitchen Design Trends?  That right gold!  While gold may conjure up thoughts of the 1980’s newer finishes are helping to take some of the shine from gold, which in 2010 is a great thing.

brushed gold kitchen faucet

brushed gold kitchen faucet

The following is a quick list of kitchen design trends that residents of New Orleans will soon talk about.

1. Disney’s Princess and the Frog – Many a young girl will have their request for Tiana inspired walls, bedding and accessories.  Also in the kitchen, sippie cups, plates and aprons will don the walls of many homes.

2. Eco-Friendly – Of course staying and going green in kitchen cabinets, carpet and flooring is a trend that will soon become a staple.

3. Budget Conscious Design and Do it Yourself– Expect Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart and the dollar stores to see their numbers grow in 2010 as many an ambitious do it yourselfer sprints out the gate to spruce up their kitchens.

4. Retro looks: What is more fun than finding a $1 cast iron skillet a the local thrift shop to give your kitchen the look that is uniquely you.

5. Finally, Hometown Chefin’ – Expect to see lots and lots of fresh produce in homes throughout, NOLA?  Why, because so many of us are getting our “Rachel Ray” on!  Expect to have the small cafe fell throughout the neighborhoods of every ward in the N.O.